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12-year-old Girl Stunned tourists with her talent of playing drums in the beach

The unknown girl in the picture attracted tourists with her great gift of playing drums in the middle of the beach. The information from sources say “She is trying to buy a new drum kit for her”. Unaware of her talent the public started gathering to watch her playing. Watch the video here: More pictures of her playing the drum kit.  

Kid of 8 yr old played 1969 hit “Good Times Bad Times” song like a Pro

Eight-year-old Yoyoka Soma’s favourite drummer is John Bonham, for her entrance in to the 2018 Attack Just Like A Girl drum competition, she covered Bonham’s part on Led Zeppelin’s”Good Times Bad Times.” The video clip, which comprises Soma playing along to this 1969 hit, made her a place in the international contest’s last round. She did not get hold of the goldbut she didn’t acquire our hearts. She absolutely smashes throughout the tune having three foot pedals and polka-dot socks placing bass operate. She’s even got the facials and mind banging . Along with the incorporation of the cymbal is just a detail merely a tenured drummer such as herself could put in. Soma has been playing drums because the tender age of 2. At 4, she started off acting concerts, and now she’s been around over 100 levels. She’s part of her family members group, Kaneaiyoyoka, at which she leads computer keyboard and vocals along with drums. She even composes her own music and lyrics. “I wish to become a artist that can do anything: playing all instruments, documenting audio, blending the design and sound the c d record jackets,” she claimed in a statement accompanying her entry. She is even analyzing English, comprehending that prospective world-wide tours takes her from Japan to all or any pieces of the globe. “My fantasy is always to be the ideal drummer on the planet,” she explained. Here are her full list of videos on Youtube to follow. More than 26k followers are for her channel.

2019 New Year Music Mix – Electro/Pop

New Year Music Mix of 2019 – Electro/Pop Style for Inspiration The festival already begin with loud music this year. Recently we stumbled on this viral video in Youtube. In a quick thought we get an idea to share the music to our readers. Watch it and let us know how it is? We wish again all readers a prosperous new year of 2019.